Album : Jondis & Keor Meteor – Deleted Scenes

Beatmaker Keor Meteor has dropped a plethora of collaborative musical projects with different emcees over the years and he always seem to bring out something new on every new release. On this new release called “Deleted Scenes” the beats are dusty, emotional, somewhat dark and cinematic, all that plus the little vocal snippets he employs which really draws the listener into this man’s crazy world. The emcee in question Jondis has that cool,smooth flow which compliments Keor’s gritty backdrop.

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French beatsmith Keor Meteor has been dropping independent artist album releases on Pragmatic Theory & although he has had emcee/beatmaker j0ndis on mc albums, these two have combined forces to bring us a full album entitled ‘Deleted Scenes’.
Most we know about these two are that they are humble people, putting out tracks like they breathe it, & they continue to let the music speak for itself. In light of this album, Jondis emphasized his liking of Keor’s style “especially his tracks in the vein of his Videomatic series, our project is sort of a combination of that and my psych abstract raps using imagination and twisting in subtle correlations to the beats context”.

“Truthfully am honored and appreciate anyone who takes the time to listen.
Theres a few i’d like to give shout outs my homeboy IV the Polymath, Pragmatic and You bro (Keor Meteor) of course Oh and also my family esp. my pops.
More albums coming from me this year , – i.diology will be released shortly digital/cassette, Also Pranam will be coming ( a collab with producer kith’r’mple from spain) fresh for spring/summer also some beat tapes coming from me as i just released one last week called dis dat” – Jondis

Audio Preview : Soundcloud Preview Deleted Scenes

released 29 March 2014

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