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Mixtape - Lil Sick - No Feelinz

No Feelinz, presented By Potent Music Group, the latest release from Lil Sick shows an interesting,
if provocative, world view of Robert Washington.The sheer gritty,and often comical and witty lyrics
from this offering will most surely satiate the appetite of the most die hard trap music fans,
as well as those of the more socially conscious and introspective music affinity.
With this project,Lil Sick enlisted some of his label mates;Envi Babi V.O.F,Static-G,Jim Thug and
Boye Kenyatta to bring an onslaught of musical potency that is as original and creative as it is
reflective of today’s generation of music.

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Lil Sick’s Links

: Potent Music Group / Youtube

Potent Music Group was born as an alternative to the cookie cutter,formulaic,
play it safe(if you will)music that continues to saturate the art-form.
It physically took hold in September of 2010 when initial members,Sharman Barnes and
Eric Martin(along with Ree Martin,who later assumed the mantle of operations and marketing chief),
set out to bring their long awaited dream to fruition.Jeanette Harris subsequently joined the
movement with a shared understanding of the label’s vision and goals.Operating from Dallas/Fort Worth
to Houston,Texas,Potent Music Group maintained a resolve that eventually began to bear fruit as a
result of the member’s hard work and dedication in the face of adversity and uphill struggles.
Today,Potent Music Group is home to phenomenal artists such as Boye Kenyatta,The Fido Wun,
Envi Babi V.O.F. and Lil Sick,collaborating with a slew of PMG affiliates that has given rise to the
awareness of the brand and movement that Potent Music Group is.

“Our mission here at Potent Music Group,LLC,is to create a cutting edge brand of music
that defies convention but contributes to the elevation of the art-form.By creatively blending
elements that transcend culture and class,entertainment and education,we seek to honor
the will of branding music that will be,both,relatable and enjoyable for years to come.
We are not without knowledge of the decline in industry sales associated with C.D.s,and
for that we strive to give the consumer an experience in connection wit the music,itself.”

Born in 1996. Formed in September of 2010. Initial members: Sharman Barnes,Eric and Ree Martin,
and Jeanette Harris Projects:Various Coast 2 Coast Mix-tapes,The New World Slaughter Series,
The Question Fixx-Tape,etc. Performances:I Am The Headliner Tour,Top Mics Tour,and various shows
associated with the promotion of respective projects. Artists:Boye Kenyatta,Envi Babi V.O.F.,
Lil Sick and The Fido Wun.

Suggested by Boye Kenyatta