Album : Big Ben & Kostia – Straight from da Couch

Big Ben & Kostia are deeply influenced by the 60’s & 70’s Soul & Jazz music as well as the
boom bap era, so their beats are paying tribute to these artists through the ditc process.
After spending so many hours in this couch listening to their record collection, talking
and of course beatmaking, they wanted to share their work and passion by dropping this LP.

Fortement influencés par la musique Soul et le Jazz des années 60 et 70 ainsi que par la Boom Bap era,
leurs beats rendent hommage à ces divers artistes via le ditc process. Après avoir passé tant de temps
sur ce canapé à écouter du son, discuter et bien sur
produire des instru, ils partagent leur travail et leur passion à travers ce disque.

Big Ben & Kostia Credits

: Big Ben & Kostia Bandcamp Page
released 17 February 2014
All tracks produced, mixed and arranged by Big Ben & Kostia
for Faire Face Prod in “Les Pièces”
Tracks 1, 6 & 7 Scratched by Golden Shower
Tacks 9 Scratched by DJ Ryzk
Mastered by Blanka at Kasablanka
Cover Art by Lord Byron Mike (Avart’Art)
Photography by Hamilton Word